SupremeSAT (Pvt) Ltd - Sri Lanka
Iraq has decided to join the space race; and they are asking for Sri Lanka’s help.

The government of Iraq has expressed their interest of having a possible joint satellite partnership for SupremeSAT-2, to the regional satellite service provider SupremeSAT (Pvt) Ltd.

Last week, a convoy headed by Mr. Amir Al Bayati, Iraq’s Senior Deputy Minister of Communications, along with Senior Iraqi government officials from the Ministry of Communications, Basil Subhi and Abbas Hasson, visited Sri Lanka to hold talks with SupremeSAT, the first and only Sri Lankan satellite operator, in this regard.

The Iraqi government is making a serious effort to enter the space age by launching their own communications satellite as soon as possible. The intention of the two day discussions was to discuss the possibility of combining the aspiration of Iraq with the financial interests of SupremeSAT.

Last month, SupremeSAT, the only privately owned satellite ownership company in South Asia, signed a $ 215 million (Rs. 28,100,000,000 – 28 billion Sri Lankan Rupee) contract with the Great Wall Industry Corporation of China for designing, manufacturing and launching of the SupremeSAT-2.

SupremeSAT-1, Sri Lanka’s first communications satellite, was launched as a joint project of Chinasatcom and SupremeSat in November, 2012. The satellite has successfully completed all the in orbit tests. It is now being placed at 87.5 Degrees East – its desired orbital slot.

The SupremeSAT-2 is one of the many high-profile infrastructure ventures that the Chinese  Export-Import Bank is currently funding in Sri Lanka.