The Face of Buddhist Terror - Times Banned in Sri Lanka

The latest issue of Time magazine has been banned by the local authorities of Sri Lanka, over its cover story, which is based on the violence between Muslims and Buddhists in Myanmar. The customs officials have stated that the reason for banning the issue was due to the fact that it could cause religious distress on the Buddhist-majority island.

Leslie Gamini, the Customs department spokesperson, stated that the customs officials have seized about 4,000 copies of the July 1st edition of Time’s, which features a photograph of Wirathu, a radical Buddhist monk in Myanmar, with the caption ‘‘The Face of Buddhist Terror.’’

‘‘The government of Sri Lanka has decided not to clear this edition of Time’s as it might hurt religious harmony in Sri Lanka” he stated. The state religion of Sri Lanka is Buddhism.

The government of Myanmar has also decided to ban this issue of the Time magazine, in order to “prevent the return of racial religious riots.”

Wirathu leads a movement of monks in Myanmar, who preach that the Muslim minority in the country is threatening the national security and racial purity. He had previously called for boycotting all of Muslim-owned businesses and demanded that the government of Myanmar place restrictions on inter-religious marriages between Muslims and Buddhists. Within the past year, thousands Muslims and Buddhists have fled the country due to the religious violence, which has killed about 250 people so far.

Sri Lanka has also seen a rise in religious tension over the past few months.