Sri Lankan dies due to a heart attack - electricity bill
A Sri Lankan man passed away due to a heart attack after having received his electricity bill.

Ceylon Today newspaper stated that since his bill has rapidly spiked, the 61-year-old victim protested at the Ceylon Electricity Board.

The newspaper mentioned that after the man was told that his astronomical bill was due to an important increase of tariff last month, he collapsed at the electricity board headquarters itself after suffering from a heart attack.

The victim’s bill amount has not been revealed by Ceylon Today. However, the paper has said that it was representing the 50 percent tariff increase.

The man who collapsed on a chair of the Ceylon Electricity Board as been identified as S.P Samaradasa and Ceylon Paper outed their newspaper with a front page report presented : ‘Electricity tariff claims first victim.’’

The paper also mentioned that a heart attack has been recognized as cause of death and that the man was already dead when they brought him to a hospital.

In Sri Lanka, a kilowatt hour of electricity costs about Rs. 47 (24 pounds), which makes it one of the countries with the highest electricity prices in the Asian region.