Sri Lanka - tourism

A statement released on Monday by the Sri Lankan tourism development authority (SLTDA) announced that Sri Lanka has been rated among the five new out coming touristic destinations in a report that has been published for the World Trade Market.

Mexico, Malasia, Indonesia and Argentina are the four other countries mentioned in this list of the preference emergent countries.

According to the SLTDA, the three factors that have been highlighted for Sri Lanka were the revival of the country after the civil war, the investments in infrastructure and the beauty of the island.

Around 53 leaders in the sector of Hotel Business and Tourism, including 8 small and medium-sized enterprises, took part to London’s World Travel Market this year. They tried hard to present Sri Lanka as an ideal destination for a honeymoon.

The Sri Lankan tourism area is rapidly expanding ever since the country has managed to put an end to 3 decades of civil war in 2009.

For the year of 2012, the Sri Lankan government has reached the objectives of one million incomes and one billion worth of receipts thanks to direct foreign investments.

In 2016, the country hopes to reach the amount of 2.5 million in income from tourism despite the warning of tourism experts who indicate that it will be necessary to considerably improve the infrastructures in order to reach this goal.